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What we Offers

What we offers fulfills, What you need.

Workshop (Drone)

Drones are the Future Technology which will revolutionize the World. This Workshop will make every Engineer aware of the Mechanical & Electronics working of Multicopter.

Workshop (RC Plane)

RC Planes are the basic knowledge in the field of Aircraft. This workshop will make you aware about the making of RC Planes. So now Build your own RC Plane!


Students can also apply for the training related to RC Plane and AIr Crafts.

Guidance & Assistance

We provide a proper guidance over the student project so that they can think in the proper direction to complete their projects.

About Us

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Make complex ideas simple not simple ideas complex

Eduator is a hub to achieve the technical success. Eduator provides solution to your technical difficulties, assist in projects related to various fields.

Our Mission
To become a leading and unique organisation of providing training, offering required assistance, guidance, research and higher learning, in technology to students who are willing to change the progress rate of the nation.

  • Tutors

    We have sufficient tutors and trainers

  • Lecture Delivery

    Lectures are given with full effort in both English and Hindi

  • Doubt Session

    A separate doubt session is maintained to clear the doubts

  • Demo Product

    We give you the full view and hand on experience on our Demo Product.


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